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I LOVE BOOKS ... They are awesome .. Most of the books that I have available are second hand but I will only ever list a book if it is in very good condition, if it is rare , super old or pretty unique in either subject matter or other quality. Generally my rule is it has to be clean and readable with no missing pages. All pictures will be of the actual book listed , no stock images will be used, unlike other big book sellers. I treat my store and listings like how I like to use a bookstore of the olden days.. I like to see the contents, the layout , front and back covers and the specifics of date and edition. To get a general feel of the book I am looking to read. I am very open to offers as I like a good bit of old fashioned haggling. When making an offer take into consideration that the postage price I don't get anything out of it. Books are heavy and I bust my cheeks lugging these around but I still think you should be able to afford a book that you want to buy. Have a GREAT DAY

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