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Cycleogical isn't really a bike shop. It's more of an attitude - a way of life. It's about "the love of cycling". It's about cruising by the river on a Sunday arvo, it's about training for your first triathlon with the aim of "finishing the darn thing", or it's about going full tilt until your ears burst in a 40km time trial. To us it doesn't matter what you do because the love of cycling is just the same and Cycleogical is about helping people love riding. We ain't Olympians and we haven't broken any world records but we know our stuff and we've helped people get started in riding and triathlons. So if you're in love with cycling or you'd like to discover what all the fuss is about, then we'd be keen to meet you. From humble beginnings in 1999 and moving around the local Brisbane bike scene starting with the Queens street, We are proud to offer the same passion via our online store.

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