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"Taking flight with the team at Fly Peacock Clothing. We are Gopal and Mukunda. Gopal and Mukunda have known each other since as long as they can remember. Having circled the globe together at least once they knew that they would be able to source, design and create a quality product to offer to people in Australia, USA and internationally. An idea was born, and since they both really have a love for t-shirts, singlets and fashion they created this venture. Mukunda being the nomadic, artistic type, took it upon himself to travel around the planet with his trusty side-kick Shanil. Together they have journeyed across many a countryside to find inspiration for unique designs not readily available to all the hipster people around the planet and to give a unique perspective to the current trends and designs available around the globe. The new designs have now reached the fine shores of Australia and the USA. Mukunda has been putting his inspirations to work as is evident in the latest

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