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Hello everyone and welcome to our store. We proudly present 100% Australian handmade hair and skin products with formulations that always include Organic Coconut Oil in local supply. We like to use Raw-C awesome goodness which is a trusted Australian brand and Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Coconut Oil has a myriad of benefits! Coconut oil adds lustre, shine and softness. It heals split ends, strengthening your hair from the inside out. It replaces the natural proteins found within your hair. These amino-acids are the essential building blocks for boosting hair growth. LOVE your hair again with Going Coco. So what are you waiting for? Shampooing and conditioning regularly with coconut oil is a great way to make sure your hair’s healthy enough to grow long and strong as well as looking lustrous and conditioned! We also use cold pressed nut and fruit oils, decadent butters and natural exfoliants in our formulations. We source ingredients of the highest quality at all times.

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