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"MyJae" household products from more than 50 years of history in Taiwan dep enterprise group, in China has been deeply rooted for 27 years. "MyJae" household products have plastic film, plastic bag, mop, gloves, dishcloth, baijie cloth, disposable items, garbage bags, fresh-keeping box 9 categories of more than 200 kinds of household products. "MyJae" brand mop, baijie cloth, dishcloth and other products in China's big cities in the market share of large stores perennial ranked NO.1. "MyJae" has been awarded the honor of "Top 50 FMCG brands in China in the global brand footprint list" for many years. “妙洁”家用品来自于在台湾超过50年历史的脱普企业集团,在中国深耕已有27年。 妙洁家用品已有保鲜膜、保鲜袋、拖把、手套、抹布、百洁布、一次性用品、垃圾袋、保鲜盒9大类两百余种的家用系列产品。 妙洁品牌旗下的拖把、百洁布、抹布等产品在中国大城市的大卖场市场占有率常年位居NO.1。 妙洁多年一直获得“全球品牌足迹榜之中国快消品牌50强”殊荣。

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