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Timber and Building Supplies have been in the industry longer than you think. We are second generation timber merchants offering our customers a range of products such as timber framing and roofing, decking, Oregon, plywood, fibre cement sheeting, insulation, treated pine, engineered timber (LVL, Hyjoist, Hyspan) and much more through our revolutionary ordering System. Based in the heart of Sydney, our checkout system allows you to select a delivery date and time having no headaches associated with placing orders. Our philosophy? We know that Sydney is currently booming with developments whether it’s granny flats or commercial housing. At Timber and Building Supplies, we are keeping up to date with technology in the 21st century. Our website is run by experienced staff with decades of knowledge of the building game. We have created one of the easiest checkout systems allowing anyone to make an order, select a delivery date and time and have it delivered. Learn more

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