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Samantha Sultana Eyewear and Accessories are entirely handmade in Italy by specially trained artisans, using only the highest quality Italian components. Each article is crafted with the finest materials of distinction. Our hand-picked ateliers possess both modern and old-world technical know-how, a genuine passion for perfect handmade artistry, along with sound knowledge of environmental sustainability and humane working conditions. Quality control overseen by the human eye occurs at every step of the manufacturing process, and we do our very best to deliver you nothing short of the finest fashionable frame when complete. Our frames are involved in a lengthy 70-plus step process prior to them accessorising your next look. With an extensive background in fashion, celebrity wardrobe and styling, it was no wonder that Fergie (The Black Eyed Peas), Katy Perry and Courtney Love have been her most passionate supporters with her personally handmade designs.

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