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Welcome to Sir Illusion. Since 2018 we've been designing beautiful ranges of contemporary lights for different occasions which you won't find anywhere else. Made with 0715 PVC double side LED neon flex a green friendly, safe, low voltage, lineal long-life lighting system that can be simply bent and cut to form any design. Black aluminium frame with stand for both indoor and outdoor use. Product includes Christmas lights like the Angel of Seraphim, Frosty The Snowman, Tinseltoes Tree, The 3 Kings, Santa and Bag and etc for Christmas season. As well as Anzac Memorial Set, Anzac Soldier with Riffle and Bugle, Cross for Anzac Day and for Easter. Our lights are designed in Australia and made in China and my business is founded on 2 key non-negotiable principles – quality products and great customer service. I hope you enjoy the visual experience created by Sir Illusion and get many years of enjoyment from them. One thing is for sure – if you have our lights you sure won’t go unnoticed!

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