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WingMan Motor Group leads the way in bringing affordable off road vehicles to Australian farmers, businesses & families. Off Road Vehicles have become the modern day work horse for day to day jobs on properties and job sites. Whether you are towing a trailer or just need a vehicle that can handle rugged terrain, we have a variety of models to suit your needs. Our Odes Military range has a wider wheel base that can assist with greater stability. Fantastic for hunting and agribusiness. Our Linhai Buggy range is practical for so many commercial & recreational uses. The Linhai 410 is very popular with owners of rural properties. Let's not forget our Kandi range. Feel like having fun! Well these dune buggies pack hours of fun into 4 wheels. We don't just sell ATV's and UTV's but also scooters for our on road enthusiasts. 50cc Scooters are zippy and in some states and territories you can drive without a motorbike license (Car license is required, check your local transport centre for info).

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