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Welcome to my Ebay online shop 'The Crystal Wonderland'! At The Crystal Wonderland you will stumble upon a variety of Crystals/Gemstones (both of tumbled stone varieties and larger raw clusters or unique raw pieces) as well as beautiful and incredibly enchanting Crystal wonder pieces - such as crystal wands (may be used for healing), crystal jewellery, crystal figurines, crystal gift pieces, crystal candle holders and so much more! Crystals energetically enhance and send out vibrations to our seven major chakras or 'energy centers', connect with our core spiritual selves, and can be used in physical and emotional healing, by releasing blockages in our aura fields and cleansing the mind and body. Crystals are not merely pretty stones to look at but rather are unique,beautiful and often powerful pieces from the earth which makes their possibilities endless. So, have a browse and see if you are guided towards or connect with any crystal item!

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