TiiPii Hanging Hammock Style Daybed

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About us

Welcome to TiiPii Bed Australia. Our luxurious indoor/outdoor hammock style hanging daybed, that can be taken absolutely anywhere... Use yours at home, on holidays or with friends... Us folks behind Tiipii are typical Aussies with a whole lot of love for anything to do with a relaxing lifestyle. We’re just itching to inspire you guys to start camping, canoodling, reading or relaxing- to get the kids playing outside once again! Therefore we decided to create a glorious lifestyle abode for you to kick back, chill out and watch the world go by in… So how about you start your own tales of a TiiPii…? All you have to do is decide to reclaim that clock and get a bit of ‘me’ time back- just get in touch, we’ll be sure to take it from there. Then it’ll arrive, and you’ll take it, hang it, share it, make your favourite drink and truly bloody love it. And there you have it. Our job is done.

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