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Welcome to my store. The photo above is my daughter, Leonie, who passed away with brain cancer 3 years ago aged 44. It was a very traumatic time during which I felt it was more important to be free for Leonie than continue with my business. I had operated a very successful Trophy business for 25 years but I just stored everything and closed shop. Not a day goes by without thinking of her and at night I am sure she is poking me and saying "Mum get it together and start selling that stock!". So now I am trying very hard to list everything (sorry I am not a good photographer) but I am getting there. As you can see, we not only have trophies of all varieties but key rings, letter openers, ornaments,labels, badges,medals, magnets etc etc We also have some fund raising items for Brain and Breast cancer. We will be donating 10% of all trophy sales to Cancer research.

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