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Iphone 4

Everything is ok

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: buyphonesmart

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looks brand new.

very happy with the I phone 4 no marks on the screen and the phone looks brand new the only fault is the battery needs charging after being switched on for 36 hours,douglas williams

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: buyphonesmart


Bad form

The iphone i bought stated on the add as being 32gig in the description but it is only 16gig which isnt what i wanted to buy

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: colourcreations


item came


Great product (Apple iPhone 4)

Fast shipment, and very happy with the quality of the product I received. Thank you

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: shakedown1981


The Apple iPhone 4 Versatile lives up to it,s name.

I bought this product to replace my existing phone which i have had since day one of the switch to digital.and I needed more flexibility in my day to day use.
I chose the Apple iPhone 4-32gb-Black Smartphone after researching the product for both performance and value for money.by searches on eBay.
The only problem i have had is because of the size of my fingers on the icons.(this I solved by using a pencil with a rubber on the end.
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Sensational product - buying a 2nd hand unit makes for great value!

After using the iPhone 3G for several years, upgrading to the iPhone 4 has been one of the best decisions I've made recently.

Battery life is doubled (seemingly, if not actually), processing speed is amazingly fast and having little things like a flash/torch make it really useful.

Buying second hand made my purchase incredibly good value for money as the phone is in great condition for used and looks and feels like new without the hefty new price tag.

One of the reasons for the upgrade was that the iPhone 3 had reached the last of the iOS software upgrades and a lot of apps would not work on such an old system, so by upgrading it provided me with a lot more flexibility on what apps I can use.
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Reported to be amazing

Bought this for my son who arrived back in Oz after living in New York for some years. His American iPhone could not be unlocked and he was lost without it, so I found this for his birthday. He tells me he LOVES it! Next time I'm due for an upgrade I think I'll ditch Android and go iPhone - so many of my friends have them and say they are the best phone they've ever had. The one I bought my son was a great price and although used, is in absolutely mint condition.Read full review...


very happy, no need for Siri

I purchased this iphone 4 because I couldn't afford the newer, more expensive models and have found it wonderfully helpful, full of possibilities (sooo many apps), fun and versatlle. I am an apple fan, but can't help but be impressed by this amazing phone.
I dislike the small kaypad, but with a bit of care, I can use it without major probs.

I have upgraded from a Nokia E63 so in comparison, it's like chalk and cheese. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially as I don't believe Siri is of much use to us in Aus. Take your time to get to know how to use it, look at online videos for help if you need it.
Very happy :)
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The best smartphone on the market. Period.

I bought an iPhone 4 to replace my Samsung Galaxy S. I'm not out of contract yet, and I'm hanging out for the iPhone 5, but I couldn't put up with my rubbishy Galaxy any more.
Sure, the iPhone is dearer than just about any other smart phone and sure, you can't customise it and hack it like other brands (without jailbreaking it), but the iPhone just WORKS. It's simple to use, synchronises well either by USB or over the cloud and is WAY faster than the Galaxy.
Some people like being able to fiddle about with just about every aspect of their phone, and if that suits you, then Android phones suit you. But I like my phone to work properly without having to adjust heaps of settings, so the iPhone works well for me.
This is my second iPhone (I had a 3G), and compared to the 20 months with the Samsung Galaxy, this phone is fantastic.
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Best choice for anyone who doesn't have an iphone.

The Apple Iphone 4 32GB is the best way for experiencing for what iphone has to offer apart from not having Siri all the other features are available at such an affordable price, so if you don't have an iphone and looking to enjoy what iphone has to offer i would recommend to anyone buy an iphone 4 and enjoy since I have been using one its very handy to have one whilst on the go and besides who would like to be seen talking to a phone (SIRI).Read full review...


Doe's all that i want in a phone

Great phone easy to use,battery life reasonable and good value.To me it is all that i need or wont,you just have to got used to the size.

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