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Rural property

I have owned this generator for the past 4 months. I use it to power our campsite. We stay for up to 1 month at a time. It powers lights, tv a car battery charger even a 400w washing machine with everything else still plugged in including sensitive equipment like the tv/ ps3 and a laptop charger. It is excellent value for an inverter generator. After each use i usually tighten up the screws for the pull start. Also i run it it 40:1 fuel ratio it seems to keep the revs lower and more consistent. I did not start 1 time but it was literally -7 in the morning. I left it in the sun for an hour and it started fine. Keep the spark plug clean also with a wire brush every 3 tanks usually.Read full review...

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my generator

Well it came as i was waiting a while for delivery. I unboxed it put the petrol in it and started it. Let me tell you it's made of quality materials it's made of solid construction. But it's rated wattage is not what i expected. 2000 Watts output i highly doubt it. 1000 watts is more accurate. I tested it. 750 watt drill. Passed√ 1800 electric blower, Failed× 300 watt HD TV & DVD player double adaptor, Passed√ 1250 watt Ryobi Garage Vaccum, Failed×
I'll keep it because i think its okay for small lighting in an emergency or to recharge my car batteries. But i definitely won't recommend it to my mates sorry but I've had better generators.
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Thank you! Works a gem.

First impressions good, started it today and cooked some toast' worked fine' obviously noisey when it's revving but they all are.

The switch on the front turns the motor on not the 240V outlet.... otherwise it would have started easy for me via the directions on the case.

Slightly larger than a weed wacker motor and light to carry, to fill the tank completely after putting about 3L in you tip it sideways to release the air bubble then you can fit another litre or so.

Life expectancy? Who knows... if was only a few hundred dollars you can't expect much but I would recommend it for light duties lights etc and it did run the 1000w toaster fine.

I bought it to charge my caravan batteries via a 240v 40A charger on crappy days or while running my small oven off my power inverter it will do this just fine.

Very happy' cheers guys.
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Exceptional value, stable power and relatively high power for size and weight

For his own records, my husband is maintaining a document, currently 15 pages, of what is largely an independent workshop manual on the carburetor and control board assemblies of this generator. It is useful for disassembly and testing of components. In addition, some parts of the document are a review, some parts detail working principles.

Three images are attached, one is an image of an oscilloscope trace of voltage across one of the coils of the stepper motor during startup, illustrating the advanced features of the generator. Another is with generator with inverter/control board removed from housing and another is with more disassembly.

I cannot put a link to the document in this review. However if you contact me I will provide a link.

Following are extracts from the fist page, which are relevant as a review.

Edisons Baumr-AG Model BM-X20i generator is a well designed and exceptionally good
valued two stroke petrol inverter generator. It is a re branded version of a popular Chinese

The generator has advanced features for its price, such as an inverter and a carb stepper

From tests with a cheap uncalibrated power meter, the generator will run continuously up
to 900 watts (resistive load) or more. Idle voltage 241 volts. Voltage when drawing a 910
watt resistive load: 221 volts. Very impressive for price and physical size.

To extend generator life it is probably preferable to limit output to around 500 watts or less
for extended run times.

It is conceivable this style of generator will will prove very popular in English speaking
countries and it is conceivable this model is durable. So it is worthwhile to investigate if the
generator has serviceable parts and if it can be taken apart easily for repair.
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A bit noisy but worthwhile.

This generator has a number of pluses and a few minuses. It appears to be reasonable quality and is nice and light to carry, even with fuel in it. The handle on the top is a good size and easy to use.

It is reasonably good value for the money.

Its major minus is that it is quite noisy and would need to be placed a good distance away from where it is to be used. It appears to be reasonably quite as far as electrical noise goes (very important when it is to be used with radio equipment in the field.

I would recommend it as a cheap second generator to use if another one breaks down or is not available.
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Perfect for camping

We took this out bush for five days and it never missed a beat. Powered our fridge/freezer and keep the overnight battery storage charged up. On top of that, very fuel efficient. Used 4 - 5L of unleaded fuel a day, (about 12hrs). A bit noisy, but place it away from camp and it's perfectly fine.Read full review...

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At last a sensible generator!

As an engineer what I love about this generator is it's simplicity and sensible layout. The pull start is on the outside for easy repair. The fuel tank is external so you can see instantly how much fuel you have left. The quality of the metal castings is excellent, lightweight, rugged and two stroke. Time will tell about durability. and so easy to start! Has developed a slight buzz from one of the plastic panels but no dramas!Read full review...

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Good little Gen!

Nice and small unit to fit anywhere and starts easy. Fuel fills uneven and leaves an air bubble on opposite side of tank only filling it half full. Runs very quiet and for a long time when not under heavy load, but very noisy when under heavy load.Read full review...

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Awesome, but....

Firstly, it's an awesome generator, i have a small yacht at anchor which I'm fixing up, and it easily runs my large 1200 watt angle grinder. Once the yacht is restored, I'll use it to run a small microwave, and a battery charger on cloudy days when the sun isn't out to charge through the solar panels.

The negatives? it is as noisy as hell, this generator uses a 50cc chainsaw motor, and when you run high powered electric tools, it sounds like lumberjack is cutting down a huge oak tree in the neighbors backyard.

You won't be too popular if you use it at a campsite near other people.

One other thing, they flood easily. On the generator it says push the primer bulb until it goes firm, but the written instructions says to push it until you see fuel entering the the clear plastic fuel line. Press it until you see fuel in the line. If you press it until the bulb gets firm you will flood it, and have to take the spark plug out, remove the fuel lines, and pull the starter cord about 10 times to get the excess fuel out of the system. (Like I had to do).

Conclusion: It's an awesome little generator for the price, I give it 5 stars and would recommend it to a friend, it's just a bit noisy when running high powered appliances
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light and portable

runs exactly what I need if the power is down - fridge, tv, fan, computer, not sure if there was room for more

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