2-Way Radios & Walkie Talkies

2-Way Radios and Walkie Talkies

The walkie talkie has seen a major revival in recent years thanks to the updated technology that is now available. 2-way radios can be an essential piece of equipment for anyone needing access to portable radio communications, and with a wide range of brands now available, there is a walkie talkie to suit every need.

Durable for the Great Outdoors

If you're planning on using your 2-way radios for hiking in the bush then you'll want a model of walkie talkie that's waterproof and durable. Many manufacturers make 2-way radios that are both waterproof and dustproof, whilst others sell a walkie talkie specifically designed for hiking that comes with a durable, waterproof casing. These features can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment is up to the same challenges that you are. If you're looking for a 2-way radio with greater distance then a VHF (very high frequency) will give you further range across open ground or over bodies of water.

Suitable for Commercial Use

If you're looking for an effective 2-way radio for commercial use, then search for brands, like Motorola, that are known for office and warehouse communications. Look for UHF 2-way radios (ultra high frequency), which will typically have fewer problems with interference caused by building structures than a standard VHF walkie talkie. Another popular brand for commercial use is Oricom UHF walkie talkies which have 80 channels as a standard feature, allowing you a greater range of usage options when you have multiple workers all communicating between stations.

Something for the Kids

Kids love using walkie talkies, and now there are great options available at more affordable prices. Uniden sell a 4 pack of mini compact UHF radios which come in an array of bright and fun colours that children will get hours of fun playing with. These lightweight radios have a durable design but are simple to use, with an excellent operating time of 20 hours and belt clip accessories to make them easier for the whole family to carry.