Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are stringed instruments known for their rich, mellow sounds and beautiful tones that ring out across crowds. There are a range of styles to choose from, including electro-acoustic guitars that you can connect directly into amplifiers without additional equipment.


Choose from rich, polished woods, sunburst effects, and more, to find a guitar that suits your playing style and sound. The classic dreadnought style is one that most people recognise when they think of acoustic guitars, but other styles like jumbo, traveller, and parlour, offer other looks. There are even children’s guitars made with smaller hands in mind. Custom fretboards with inlays always are also a popular choice, too. Whether that is Mother of Pearls inlays or custom, hand-painted necks, there’s a style to match your persona.


While most acoustic guitars offer a rich sound, 12-string acoustic guitars have a depth of sound that standard 6-string instruments cannot match. But both types do accommodate pick-ups so you can plug them into amplifiers to make the music carry out further to audiences in the back of the room or beyond the stage.


The thickness of the neck can make all the difference between how an F chord or other chord sounds. The distance of the strings from the fretboard affects playability, too, as does the gauge of the strings. Although, you can change the latter to suit your playing style. In general, the farther the distance, the louder the sound, so it’s really up to you.

Using Fingers or Picks

With acoustic guitars, you have the choice of playing with your fingers or using a pick. The choice is purely personal. Those who use their fingers may find they have better control over the strings. Players who prefer picks may not like the sensation of the strings on their finger muscles. Many experienced guitarists switch between both playing styles, as each creates different, overall sounds.