Antique Tapestries

Step Back In Time With Antique Tapestries

If you love tapestries, you're in for a treat. With eBay you'll find a stunning array of tapestry designs that date back decades, from all over the world – and they're all for a great price.

History of tapestry

Tapestry is a textile art traditionally woven on a loom by hand, formed by weaving horizontal (weft) threads over and under vertical (warp) threads repeatedly before they are pushed close together to hide the vertical threads.

It has been practised in many cultures for hundreds of years with both the Incas and ancient Egyptians known to have buried the deceased in woven tapestries. In modern times, the term tapestry has become associated with any heavy textile, handwoven, machine woven, or even embroidered material.

Taking care of your antique tapestries

If you have antique tapestries, you want to be taking care of them, but that doesn't mean putting them in the washing machine and dryer. Because they are woven tightly, the thick, strong fabric should only need to be vacuumed once or twice a year – and you should first place a little strip of cheesecloth over the end of the vacuum.

Your tapestry should only need to be thoroughly cleaned if it sustains a spill. In that case, don't use any chemicals and avoid taking it to a dry cleaner if you can. Instead, you can gently handwash the area using mild soap and warm water. Then use a steam iron to dry it off (but not too hot).

If you're buying antique tapestries online, make sure you pay attention to the description, so you understand how old the product is and if there are any faults you need to know about. You'll find some stunning prints available, from mandala art to French and German designs, through to wall hangings, framed tapestries, and floor rugs.