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Distinctive and colourful Pates Pottery

Update your pottery collection with Pates pottery or start a new collection from scratch. From decorative vases, vintage style plates and bowls to cute animals, you can find a wide range of Pates pottery here on eBay.

Range of items

Avid pottery collectors keep a constant eye on eBay for well-known vintage pieces. There is a wide range online from this Australian artist at the right price for you, from turquoise glazed vases and pretty, yellow saucers to flora and fauna ceramics and bowls. Here, you'll find thousands of Pates antiques and lustreware, brilliant if you're looking for collectables like bowls, wall pocket vases, jugs, planter troughs or ashtrays.

Display flowers in a vintage art deco vase or trough to brighten up your home.

About pates pottery

Most famous as a vase potter, Alfred James Pate founded Pates Pottery at Belmore, Sydney in 1946, with the help of his brother John and nephew Ron. Having learnt the pottery trade at Fowlers Pottery in Marrickville, Pate set about launching his own company, targeting people of the working class.

Exploiting the post-war market with an increased demand for decorative pottery, Pates sold mass-produced slipware that was light-hearted and bright, usually featuring national and international wildlife.

Pates' pottery technique

Pates' main technique was slip casting, which involved pouring a liquid solution of clay known as ‘slip' into the plaster mould that absorbed the water, leaving the layer of clay sticking to the mould's surface. Next, the clay shrank enabling the mould to be taken away so the piece could be dried and fired.

Often, the moulds were made of Plaster of Paris, as they were highly absorbent and inexpensive to manufacture, and were held together with ball and socket projections as well as rubber bands crafted from old car tyres.