Australian Gold Bullions

Australian Gold Bullion

Some people buy gold and gold items as an investment, while others collect things like gold coins and nuggets. Many see gold as a relatively safe investment. While its price has fluctuated significantly over the past few years, people still see it as a safe long-term option. This works to keep the price of gold high and means that even plain, non-collectible items are worth significant sums of money. Collectible items like old gold bars or gold bullion coins could set you back anything up to thousands of dollars each, even more for very rare items.

Australian Gold Bullion Nuggets

Real Australian gold bullion nuggets are collectors' items to many people across the world. As one of the world’s biggest gold producing countries, the Australian market sees hundreds of new gold nuggets come onto the market every year. Prospectors searching remote areas of the country find these with metal detectors, but some do come from commercial mines. They sell in nugget form because they usually bring more than the standard gold price like this.

Australian Gold Bullion Coins

Australian gold bullion coins have been minted almost every year since colonisation. The Australian gold rushes of the 19th and 20th centuries are world famous, and led to a wide range of coins and gold bars been minted. This means that there are now a lot of different collectible gold coins on the Australian market. Older, rarer coins usually bring the highest prices, but the country’s various mints also release collectible coins from time to time.

Australian Gold Bullion Bars

Unless they are old, minted in a rare shape or size, or have some historical value, Australian gold bullion bars don’t generally bring collectors prices. Their prices are generally close to the actual value of the gold that comprises them. This means that collectors don’t generally target gold bars; they usually think of them more as investment items.