Automotive Grease Guns & Lubrication Tools

A Simple But Mighty Tool: The Grease Gun

A grease gun may well be the unsung hero of the workshop. All moving parts need lubricant, and a grease gun delivers that lubricant right where you need it. Whether you are looking for a grease gun cartridge or a complete grease gun for sale, you can find it on eBay.

What brands of grease guns are available?

If you have a favourite brand of workshop tools, you can probably find grease guns for sale that match. When you're looking for a grease gun , you can generally find the following brands listed:

  • Sealey
  • DeWalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Lincoln
  • Draper

Types of affordable vehicle grease guns

There are various ways that a new or used grease gun is powered. The simplest design is a manual gun that either uses a trigger or a piston. Pressing the trigger applies pressure to a spring that pushes the grease through the opening. Models without a trigger depend on a piston that slides through the body of the gun. You push the butt of the gun forward and the piston pushes the grease through the opening. These are easy to find and very affordable. If you want a little less manual work, you can use a pneumatic, or air-powered, gun. The pressurised air is forced through hoses to the gun, and the pressure of the air forces the grease through the opening. Then, of course, there are guns powered by either electricity or batteries. These come in corded and cordless models.

Additional options to look for

The basic hand-powered grease gun has long been a standard in most workshops. However, technology has changed this simple tool, giving you many options to make your job easier. To increase usability, look for the following features:

  • LED lights: It is often dark where you need lubricant. LED lights that are attached right to the gun help you see without you having to wear an additional headlamp.
  • Variable trigger speed: If your gun has a variable trigger speed, you will have better control over how much lubricant to release
  • Debris filter: Newer guns come with a debris filter to protect the pump from dust and dirt.
  • Non-drip cap: You don't want grease dribbling where it isn't wanted, so look for grease guns with non-drip caps.
  • Carrying strap or toolbox: Grease guns are small tools used in a variety of places. Having a carrying strap or toolbox to carry it in ensures you don't misplace it while moving to the next spot you are working on.

Shop for a new grease gun on eBay, or search further where you’ll find a range of accessories and equipment, including an engine crane, an oil filter, a car air compressor, and much more!