Avanti Bikes

Avanti BIcycles

When you need a solid bicycle that’s perfect for the road, mountain terrain or for getting from place to place, Avanti bicycles are a terrific choice. In business for decades, Avanti offers solid options for men, women, and kids, with other options such as the popular e-bike. Opt for one of the many models offered for mountain, road, or other terrain to begin your journey.

Men’s Choices

There are quite a few options when it comes to men’s Avanti bicycles. The Corsa SL, for instance, is a great road bike that offers 11 speeds. Other models, such as the Avanti Giro includes 20 speeds to tackle rougher terrain. Most of the frame construction on these bicycles is aluminium, with carbon fibre forks.

Women’s BIkes

Women’s Avanti bicycles are very similar to the models made for men, however, the sizing is a bit different. Many of the models include the same features, such as aluminium construction, carbon fibre forks, and multiple speeds for different terrain. Avanti uses Wise, or women-specific technology, on their women’s bikes, ensuring that every bike seat is the perfect fit, contoured to more of a woman's shape.

Bikes for Kids

Avanti also manufactures a wide selection of bikes for kids. When it comes to both girls’ or boys’ Avanti bicycles, you can opt for a starter bike with training wheels, with designs and colours specific to girls or boys. For older children, you can choose a model that is very similar to an adult Avanti bicycle. For example, there are quite a few mountain bike options for both boys and girls, so they can ride right with you.


Avanti also produces a selection of e-bikes. These electric bikes are constructed with four different modes, allowing you to ride longer and stronger. You can easily ride up to 125 km in eco mode, and these bikes are relatively easy to charge, providing up to an 80 per cent charge in two hours. For the cyclist that wants to go long distances, e-bikes are a great choice.