BMX Bikes

Getting Into BMX Bikes

For anyone thinking about getting involved in BMX riding, a good starter bike is needed. While BMX riders who have been around for a while will usually look to build their own bike, a complete bike is a much better option when starting out. Why? Even for riders who are experienced cyclists, BMX riding is something completely different. While knowing their way round other types of bikes is definitely a good start, it takes time to get to know BMX bikes, BMX riding and what's involved.

Buying a BMX Bike

There are different types of bikes built to suit various types of BMX riding. Beginners should spend some time working out what kind of riding they like to do best before investing in that new BMX. Bikes for dirt riding feature a thicker tread to provide them extra grip on the dirt. For park or ramp riding, bikes generally tend to be lighter than street bikes, with a thinner tread. Street bikes are normally heavier, to allow them to stand up to life in an urban environment, while BMX racing bikes will almost always have brakes, larger sprockets and a higher gear ratio.

Once the type of riding has been decided on, it's time to look at the various levels of BMX bikes. Kids' bikes come in smaller sizes, designed for younger riders, then there's the entry level, mid level and pro bikes, most riders progress through. So, what should buyers look for when buying their first BMX? Weight is an important factor. Choose a bike that's light enough to keep control of, while maintaining rider energy levels and allowing for good manoeuvrability. While BMX bikes don't always come with brakes, beginners are advised to choose a bike that offers this feature. Now, check out the options on eBay, comparing the features and specifics to find that perfect bike, as well as safety gear such as helmets .