Back Scratcher Body Massagers

Scratch the itch with a new back scratcher or massage from eBay

Is your back itching and you can’t reach to scratch it? Or are you feeling some muscle pain on your back and you need an inexpensive relief that will massage the ache away? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many people cannot reach their back to scratch or massage it. But no fret, because eBay has you covered for both your back itch and pain with its vast selection of back scratchers and massagers.

Back scratchers

Something as simple as back scratchers come in many different shapes and forms and are made from a variety of materials. You can get back scratchers in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One great advantage of back scratchers is that they make scratching easier and safer. Some back scratchers can extend to your desired length to reach the spots that trouble you and provide you the itch relief that you’re after. Using back scratchers also makes scratching cleaner, as your hands and nails can be dirty. A dedicated tool for scratching that is washed regularly is a better option to reduce the risk of infections. There are also back scratchers that can serve as skin exfoliators. You can rub your back with an exfoliating back scratcher during showers and you’ll get rid of the dead skin with minimum effort.

Back massagers

When it comes to back massagers, there are a variety of massage techniques to choose from. It’s important to know the correct massage type that will best fit your needs.

Shiatsu massage, a Japanese version, puts an emphasis on on pressure points combined with rotating and stretching joints. This can release energy and relax muscles in the targeted area.

Vibration massage features strokes that vibrate and shake up your muscles. Depending on your needs, this can soothe or stimulate your body.

Kneading massage requires a circular motion on both sides of your spine at the same time. It lifts, loosens and stretches your tense muscles.

Percussion massage sees rapid movements cover a specified area of the body for relatively short but even sequences.