Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S5

Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is an excellent phone that appeals to a lot of users worldwide. This phone is known for its good battery life and excellent camera capabilities. Samsung Galaxy S5’s battery lasts for up to 12-14 hours with video playback and wifi usage. However, some users want to keep an extra battery with them for travel purposes. Moreover, in some instances, battery may stop functioning properly due to voltage or overuse issues. In such cases, it is better to have a backup battery with you to ensure that the phone keeps working efficiently.

Battery Capacity of Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is made of high quality lithium ion. The OEM battery is designed in such a way that it provides reliable and fast power for your phone. Samsung put the Samsung Galaxy S5 through intense testing and certifications to ensure that it is safe to use and reliable. The batteries for Samsung Galaxy S5 are available with capacities of 1000-2999mAh, 3000-4999mAh, or 5000-10000mAh.

Battery Powerbanks and Parts

It is better to purchase a Samsung S5 battery and a power bank to charge that battery together in a bundle deal. To ensure that your battery of Samsung Galaxy S5 lasts you a long time, you should not leave your phone on charge for the whole night; it is better to charge your phone in short bursts for few hours. This makes the battery stay charged for longer and ensures that the battery and the phone are not overused and overheated. Moreover, keep the phone away from water, dust specifically when the phone is on charge. Battery and parts for Samsung Galaxy S5 are available with Samsung retailers as well on many online platforms. While purchasing through reliable online platforms, you are sure to find a much better deal.