Bicycle Kickstands

Bicycle kickstands for your sweet ride

The definition of a kickstand is all in its name. Kick the stand with your foot, and your bike will remain standing. This bicycle accessory drops down from the frame to the ground, and keeps the bike in an upright position. It is usually located in the midsection of the bike or towards the rear. Kickstands are not always included with new bicycles. If you don't have one, you know how frustrating it is to watch your bike fall over, after you just spent time leaning it against a wall or tree. Whilst a kickstand will increase the bike's weight, it can protect it from damage when it falls over, ultimately prolonging its lifespan.

Types of kickstands

There are a few types of kickstands to consider. The first of these is a side stand kickstand. This type has a single leg that flips out to one side, and the bike then rests against it. A black single leg kickstand is particularly useful for parking your bicycle on a variety of terrain types. It doesn't matter if the surface you are leaving your bike on is not always perfectly flat, as the stand should prop the bike up and keep it safely balanced.

A centre stand kickstand consists of a pair of legs that flip downwards and raises the bike's rear wheel off the ground when it's not being used. A double kickstand prevents a bike's chains from becoming caught when lowering the kickstand to the ground and is a sturdy way to prop up the bike when not riding.

A flick stand is a little bracket that drops down and engages the tyre at the front, preventing the front end of the bike from steering. It enables the bike to be safely propped against a tree, building or some other object without its front end turning and the bike falling to the floor.