Bicycle Pedals

Bicycle Pedals

When you're out and on your bike, the last thing you want is for your feet to slip off the pedals. You also don't want to worry about your pedals being too big, or too small for the shoes you're wearing. That's why there is a huge range of bicycle pedals available, ranging from clipless to flat pedals and even touring pedals as well.

Road Clip-in

Road clip-in pedals allow you to utilise the whole pedal stroke. You won't be wasting any energy and you can pull back through the end of the stroke while also applying most of your power with your downstroke. This improves efficiency and it also helps you to ensure that you are getting the best result out of your bike journey. Materials include titanium, carbon and even aluminium. These can easily be used with cycling shoes.

MTB Clip-in

Mountain bike clip-in pedals vary when compared to road clip-in pedals. They have a different cleat system and they are usually much smaller to accommodate for the sole of the shoe. MTB clip-in pedals make it harder for your shoe to slip off the pedal when you are on a dangerous or uneven terrain.

Flat Pedals

Flat pedals are very common and this is due to their ease of use and the practicality that they have to offer. Flat pedals are ideal for downhill racers and this is because the flat pedal provides a lot of freedom and even adaptability.

Touring Pedals

A touring pedal gives the rider the chance to add extra power to their ride and it also offers all of the flexibility of a flat pedal as well. This is ultimately for those who want to put in miles without compromising short or family rides. You can use the touring pedal without the need to have a cycling shoe.