Bicycle Trainers & Rollers

Bicycle Trainers and Rollers

If you’re an avid cyclist or someone who likes to occasionally ride and is limited to indoor cycling, besides other bicycle accessories, a bicycle trainer or roller is essential. With so many trainer, roller, or riser options available, it is important to consider which suits you best.

Bicycle Trainers

Bicycle trainers are one of the original trainer styles in which pedalling powers a fan that creates resistance. They are also one of the simplest and most durable trainer styles on the market. You simply just need to fasten the back wheel to the trainer for quick and easy set-up. Since pedalling powers a fan, these models can get noisy and also might not simulate the road enough for those looking for that type of feel.

Bicycle Risers

Bicycle risers are meant to be used along with bicycle trainers by lifting the front wheel up so it is in line with the back tyre lifted up by the trainer. These are simple blocks that support the front wheel to replicate the real bike riding position and can increase stability and balance.

Bicycle Rollers

Bicycle rollers are perhaps one of the more difficult types of bicycle trainers on the market because of the way the bike wheels sit on the rollers and the way the bike rides. Some options come with floating frames, which make it easier to balance and absorb inertia while cycling. Advanced cyclists prefer this type over the trainer/riser option as the former better emulates the feel of riding outdoors.

Resistance Type

Each style of trainer has their own type of resistance, which is an important factor to consider. Magnetic, fan, or fluid resistance are commonly built into bicycle trainers, whereas it is typically an add-on to bicycle roller trainers. You can also use your smartphone with an electronically controlled attachment to create the desired level of resistance on your ride.