The plumbing and fixtures in modern bathrooms decide how convenient and comfortable they are to use. Bidets, basinlike fixtures are hygienic bathing options for washing the perineal and genital areas. Their popularity is increasing and they are becoming a must in high-end bathrooms. You could either purchase a stand-alone bidet or choose a special seat that you can install onto the conventional toilet bowl.

Bidet Basics

A bidet resembles a toilet with no seat, but actually it is more like a small bathtub or a sink. In fact, it could double as a washbasin or footbath. The bowl is typically from china with a drain, and it also features sprays or faucets. Some bidets have horizontal nozzles that spray over the bowl's rim, some nozzles shoot an arc of water into its centre, while others feature hot-and-cold water taps that pour water inside the bowl.

Advanced Features

In addition to the basic wash function, advanced models offer some interesting features. Electrical bidets are much more expensive than the standard models, but they also provide extra options. For instance, the feminine wash allows users to move the nozzle further forward, while the heated seat feels nice and warm to sit on, especially during winter. Other features include adjustable water temperature, water pressure, and spray width, as well as self-cleaning nozzles and water pulse cleanse.

Bidet Toilet Seats

A stand-alone bidet is not for every bathroom, as it takes up extra space. Install a bidet toilet seat onto your existing toilet bowl. These electronic attachments offer the best of advanced features like deodorisers, remotely adjustable pressure controls, and warm air dry. When choosing a seat, check the shape of your toilet to match it with the bidet.

Bidet Showers

Bidet showers are the most space-saving of your options, as you do not have to install a separate seat or an entire basin. Such showers are easy to use, as the water jet activates with a push of the button.