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Camera Cases, Bags, and Covers

Not only do camera bags help you transport your valuable camera gear from one shoot to the next, but they provide vital protection from dust damage and inclement weather. Today, camera cases, bags, and covers come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes with designs to store all your extra lenses, cords, and even laptops and other accessories. Choose from trusted names like Lowepro, Manfrotto, ThinkThank, Sony, and Canon camera bags with designs and features to meet every photographer’s needs.

Water-Resistant Camera Bags

Protect your gear from unexpected water damage with water-resistant camera bags, ensuring that you won't be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs if you get caught in a downpour. Take your camera on boats and other watercraft without having to worry about the spray, giving you peace of mind to capture photos everywhere you go.

Padded Camera Cases, Bags, and Covers

Give your camera equipment that added protection when travelling with padded camera cases, bags, and covers. While cases and covers are designed with heavy padding to fit your camera snugly, camera bags come with extra padding around individual lens chambers to keep each one protected.

Synthetic Leather Camera Cases, Bags, and Covers

Make an ethical choice for a classic leather look with synthetic leather camera cases, bags, and covers. They are available in a range of soft to deep browns, giving you a retro style with all the modern technology and protection you would expect in a high-quality camera bag.

Designed for Comfort and Practicality

Camera bags are not just for transporting your camera equipment, with brands understanding the practicalities of a photographer’s life. Front zip panels provide easy access for stashing your mobile phone and keys, with hidden pockets for passports and valuables. Don't leave home without your tripod with flexible side straps and cords to secure it, and be comfortable throughout the day with supportive straps across the shoulders, chest, and around the waist.