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Essential camping equipment

Camping and hiking are great ways to clear your mind, connect with nature and fit in some fun exercise. There are plenty of items available on eBay the can make your life easier while on the trail or at the campsite.

A good tent protects you from bad weather and gives you a safe place to keep your gear. There are tents available that can sleep anywhere between 1-10 people. If hiking with a tent, try and distribute the weight of the tent by spreading the parts and pieces of a bigger tent amongst several members of your group. Outdoor sleeping gear, such as sleeping bags, sleeping pads, swags and small pillows, all come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit you and the weather conditions outside.

Once you’ve taken care of tents and sleeping gear, there are a few other pieces of camping equipment that are important. Sources of light are vital when the sun goes down. Make sure you pack torches with extra batteries. You also need hiking boots or other closed-toed shoes and water resistant jackets and socks to keep you dry in wet weather. Your list should also include other protective gear such as bug and insect repellant and sunscreen.Camping and hiking are great, healthy ways to experience nature. Buy the essentials from eBay and enjoy the great outdoors.