Camping Torches

Camping and Hiking Flashlights

Ensure that you have a source of light with a flashlight in hand when the sun goes down while camping out beyond the black stump. Other than illuminating your environment and chasing dingoes or Tasmanian devils away, camping and hiking flashlights also create a sense of safety and comfort, whether you're all on a bush night walk or sleeping under the big, black night sky.


The most ideal outdoor flashlights are portable so they don't weigh down your hand, durable enough to last through any harsh terrains, and bright enough to make a difference at night. Take advantage of UV camping and hiking flashlights to pick up the spoor of local animals, check your car engine for a leak, or verify the cleanliness of the portaloo. Waterproof camping and hiking flashlights live up to their billing when it rains or snows though.

Battery Type

Reflect on the best type of battery for your camping and hiking lamps and torches to avoid disappointment. Disposable batteries, while the longest lasting, require spares in case you run out, while flashlights with in-built rechargeable batteries have a shorter run time, but offer the convenience of recharging using an in-car charger or the mains. Flashlights with renewable batteries, on the other hand, are the most eco-friendly option, as energy is converted using the hot Australian sun in the case of solar-powered models or those that you wind up manually.


Measured in lumens, your flashlight's light output gets brighter, and sometimes hotter, with a higher count. Make sure the flashlight's brightness is adequate for your activity, such as 20 lumens for reading, 1,000 lumens for camping and hiking, and over 1,000 lumens for outdoor survival tasks.

Bulb Type

Rely on the bright and energy-efficient LED bulb for the longest-lasting burn time when compared to other types of bulbs. Xenon comes in a close second, as it doesn't use too much battery power, and offers adequate brightness with a bluish tinge. On the other hand, incandescent and halogen bulbs are fragile, produce heat, and may not last long.