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Candles and tea lights for added ambience

Create the perfect soft lighting and relaxed atmosphere you crave in your home by choosing from the huge variety of candles and tea lights right here on eBay. Whether you're planning a cosy night in with your loved one and a glass of wine, or you simply prefer the light of a candle to a bright electric ceiling bulb, you're sure to find the exact home decor items you have in mind here on eBay. 

Scented candles

Add a wonderful fresh aroma to your home with a scented candle in your living room, conservatory or anywhere you go to chill out. Available in a wide range of scents and colours, you could even add different ones to each room for each different season. 

Yankee candles

Yankee candles also come in a massive range of colours and fragrances, with the larger candles designed to burn for 110 to 150 hours in total. Complete with iconic apothecary glass jar, these attractive candles are great for long term use or to offer as gifts for loved ones. They're also available in smaller individual sized candles which burn for 65 to 90 hours, as well as in gift packs. 

Packs of tealights

Versatile and elegant, tea lights have been used for generations in a variety of different purposes. Originally designed for keeping tea warm and also foods such as fondues, tea lights are now used primarily as decoration around the home. Available scented and non scented in a wide range of colours, you can even choose tea lights which match your furniture or the paint on your wall. Plus they're wonderful for lighting up the bathroom whilst you wind down in a glorious tub of bubbles after a long day. 

Each tea light comes in a disposable metal tray for safety and will burn brightly for around 4 hours. 

Valentine's Day Gifts

February 14 is just around the corner, and sweethearts all around the world are gearing up to shout their love from the rooftops. Need some Valentine's Day Gifts? Our huge selection of scented candles will ensure you make things feel extra-special for your cherished beloved.