Car & Truck Bicycle Hitch Mount Racks

Hitch your bicycle to your car or truck securely

As Australians, there’s nothing more that we love than a good adventure. So, when we’re planning a road trip to the outback or the mountains with friends, we want to explore the terrain by taking our bikes with us. However, not only is it impossible to put your bicycle across the backseats of your car, but it’s also dangerous. Your only option is to invest in a hitch mount car or truck cycling rack.

A hitch mount cycling rack is the perfect solution to significantly increasing your storage capacity. You can either DIY or have them installed professionally – and they’re more affordable than buying a moving van! By transforming the back of your vehicle into a bonus boot, you can take your bicycle along with you, safely and securely.How strong is a hitch mount cycling rack?

Hitch mounts are made extremely sturdy and tough, and are compliant with all Australian standards. However, the hitch to tow a cycling bike is different from the one you would use to tow a small boat. As a bicycle is not particularly heavy, you can get away with a Class 1 hitch, which can carry up to 900kg.

Before you buy a hitch mount cycling rack for your car or truck, you’ll need to know if it will fit your vehicle. Fortunately, you can find the answer by reading eBay listings of the product you’re interested in. Simply browse the largest collection of hitch mount car and truck cycling racks to find the right one for your capacity. Interested in bicycle frames or cycling sunglasses? You can find it all here on Australia’s largest online marketplace.