Car & Truck Bicycle Racks

Getting Around

For some, cycling is a passion. They dream of the peloton, cruising around hairpin bends with the wind whistling past their ears. For others, cycling provides the perfect way to get around town. Instead of getting stuck in endless traffic jams each morning and afternoon, they choose to take the easy commute on their bike. Other cyclists choose to travel by bike because it’s friendly to the environment, preferring to sweat it out on a bike rather than add more exhaust fumes to a world already filled with them. Cyclists can also be thrill-seekers, charging down trails on their mountain bikes, laughing in the face of anything as trivial as a possible broken neck.

But, no matter what the reason for riding a bike, there are certain cycling essentials all cyclists have to invest in. From cycling helmets and protective gear, to bicycle maintenance and tools, these are some of the basics all cyclists need to keep their bikes – and their bodies – in good working order. When it comes to transporting a bike from one place to another, car and truck bicycle racks are a must-have. Allowing cyclists to fit bikes to the back of their car or truck, these handy racks make travelling with bikes easy.

Buying Bicycle Racks

When buying a bicycle rack for a car or truck, one of the first things to think about is how many bicycles will need to be transported at once. Bike racks come in a variety of sizes, with some holding up to five bicycles at one time. The next thing to consider is the style of the bicycle rack needed, and whether it will fit on the car or truck being used to transport the bike. Need some inspiration? Simply check out eBay for a huge range of bicycle racks from big brands such as Saris, Seasucker, Thule and Yakima, and choose from a variety of hitch mount, roof mount, spare tyre mount, truck bed mount and trunk mount racks to find the perfect option.