Car & Truck Exhaust System Kits

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If you're looking to upgrade or replace your car exhaust system, you'll find many options on eBay and they’re all for a great price. If you’re not sure what to shop for, however, we’re here to help.

Exhaust pipes

Exhaust pipes channel exhaust gases from the engine to the outside atmosphere. There are two main types of exhaust pipes - straight and bent. Straight pipes are typically made from aluminised or stainless steel, and they offer maximum exhaust flow due to their unrestricted design. They are popular among car enthusiasts but keep in mind they might not be street-legal in some regions.

Bent pipes are made from mandrel-bent tubing, which allows for smooth bending without crushing the pipe. They are available in different sizes and are designed to fit specific vehicle models.


Mufflers reduce the noise level produced by the engine and eBay carries a wide range of mufflers, from universal designs to vehicle-specific options. Some popular materials used to build mufflers include stainless steel, aluminised steel, and titanium. Stainless steel mufflers are durable, corrosion-resistant, and offer a deep, smooth exhaust tone.

Aluminised steel mufflers are more affordable and offer decent sound dampening. Titanium mufflers are lightweight and ideal for high-performance vehicles as they offer improved airflow and horsepower gains.

Exhaust tips

Exhaust tips are the visible part of the exhaust system that protrudes from the rear of the vehicle. They come in various sizes, shapes, and finishes such as chrome or black. Some exhaust tips are designed to enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle, while others can improve the performance by increasing exhaust flow.

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are exhaust system components that convert harmful exhaust gases into less harmful ones. They are mandatory for all vehicles in most states, and replacing a damaged or worn-out catalytic converter is essential to pass smog checks.

Shopping car exhaust systems on eBay

The prices of car and truck exhaust kits on eBay vary widely depending on the components included, material quality, and brand. However, you can find affordable options offering significant performance gains. To ensure a successful purchase, choose sellers with a good reputation and customer feedback, quick shipping times, and available stock. You can shop for other products too, including car air filter, car bonnets and a headlight restoration kit if you need it.

By understanding the various components and kits available on eBay, you can pick the best option for your vehicle's make and model, budget, and driving preferences. Whether you're going for a loud exhaust note or a smoother and more refined sound, we’ve got you covered.