Car & Truck Tow Bars

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Recover Your Vehicle Easily With A Car Winch, Tow Bay

If you are getting a new boat and boat trailer, caravan or camping trailer, dirt bike or go cart – you’re going to need a tow bar on your car or truck, whether it’s a Triton tow bar, Hayman Reese towbar or another style. If you don't already have one, you are sure to find one here on eBay. And loading your boat, dirt bike, go cart or car will be much easier with a car winch attached to your trailer. eBay has a huge variety of car winches and tow bars available for you to select from.

Car winch features

trailer winch is an essential vehicle accessory used to pull the vehicle out of a potentially dangerous or problematic situation. For example, whether your car is stuck in the mud or if you've hit a rock, a car winch can help you get back on the road. 

A car winch has several features that make it a useful vehicle accessory. It has a 12-point seal to prevent water or contaminants from entering the device. There's also an automatic mechanical brake to prevent the winch from being accidentally unloaded. It's also essential to ensure the winch's weight load-bearing capacity is sufficient for its size. Finally, its design should be sturdy and safe for off-road use.

These are the most popular winches that you will find:

  • The mooring winch: These winches are used to secure boats and ships at the dock.
  • The truck winch: This is the most used type of winch. It is often used to pull vehicles out of their puddles. It is made up of a rope or cable pulled by another vehicle's engine.
  • The wakeskate winch: It is used for water and snow sports. It includes a rope, handles, frame, and engine. It raises the rope so that a person can ski.

Mount options

Every bumper can carry a winch. The load must be pulled by the winch and should be evenly distributed. Next, you need to choose the right mounting option. Below are some popular mounting options.

  • Winch bumper
  • Bumper mount
  • Multi-mount

If you are ready to start shopping for your new car winch, be sure to take the time to set a few filters to help narrow your search. You can purchase from well-known brands or unbranded car winches. Shop by price if you have a particular budget in mind. Look for eBay Plus sellers and enjoy free express delivery and free returns as a member. If you are not a member, trial it for free today.