Car & Truck Tyre Repair Kits

How to use a tyre repair kit

Every driver’s worst nightmare is a flat tyre. No matter the precautions we take to avoid damage to our tyres, it’s sometimes unavoidable—especially when driving on Australian roads. From road trips to short cruises through the city, there are many types of debris that could result in a dreaded flat. Fortunately, tyre repair kits offer a quick and temporary solution so you can still get where you want to go. 

A tyre repair kit is not like a spare

Although similar in that they both offer a short-term solution so you can get back on the road, a tyre repair kit is much easier to use than installing a spare. In addition, with a spare, you’re limited to only one emergency tyre. A tyre repair kit is a great addition to your toolbox in the event there is more than one flat tyre. 

How it works 

To use a repair kit, you must first remove the tyre. Locate the puncture then trim and clean the area. Using the cord inserting tool, pull through a sealing cord from the inside out. Once this has been inserted, pull the tool out and trim the sealing cord. Then, inflate your tyre to optimal pressure. To ensure you always have the best amount of tyre pressure, consider adding a pressure monitoring sensor to your toolbox. 

Depending on the kit you purchase, some kits will also come with glue or sealant to add extra stability to the temporary fix. These are inserted on the inside of the tyre and you would use a buffer to smooth the area. 

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