Cat Brushes

Cat brushes for your feline friend

Brushing your cat is a fantastic way to bond with your feline friend and to get them familiar with your touch and scent. Also, if you brush your cat regularly, you'll make sure your pet's fur doesn't come off in clumps, and your vacuum cleaner will thank you for it.

Much like brushing your own hair, a good cat grooming session also helps keep your cat's skin healthy by bringing out the natural oils. Plus it gives you a chance to check for any fleas or other pesky critters before they become a problem.

Deshedding tools

Deshedding tools and combs such as FURminator's, are recommended by vets to help stop large hairballs from forming, and professionally designed by groomers. They are a slicker brush which effectively massages the underside of your cat's fur to get rid of any loose hair and has been shown to reduce shedding too.

Grooming mitts

For a fun alternative to a traditional cat brush, why not try a soft, silicone bristle grooming mitt. It fits over your hand and when you run your hand over your pet's fur it comes off entirely on the glove. This then makes it really easy to simply peel the hair off the mitt and throw it away. Durable and longlasting, grooming mitts not only keep your pet's coat soft and supple, it helps to keep your home tidy and clean.

Self-grooming corner cat brush

Simply attach this curved brush to a door frame or corner of your furniture at just the right height for your cat to rub, scratch and clean themselves with the silicone bristles. You can even add some catnip or a tasty treat to encourage your cat to use it. Don't forget to keep an eye out for any fleas or other nasties when you remove the fur though, as these can easily go unnoticed. Great for particularly long pet hair too which is prone to tangle.