Chinese Coins

Spectacular Chinese coins to enhance any collection

China boasts a history that few countries can match and, along the way, their currency has reflected each and every change. Always coveted across the world, today the Yuan is traded and collected by millions who prize its rich history and outright quality, and you'll find the best examples of Chinese money right here on eBay.

From Chinese coins celebrating the panda to commemorative coins from the Olympics and even beautifully preserved 19th-century examples, the thousands of gold, silver and bronze Chinese coins that you'll see on eBay are enough to complete any currency Chinese collection, regardless of your requirements.

Complete your collection

Whether you're starting a coin collection or looking to add to one, no set is complete without the inclusion of Chinese coins.

Often minted in precious metals like gold, silver and bronze, these coins make for a tremendous gift thanks to their intrinsic and cultural value, but that's not the only reason they're so desirable. Discover gold Chinese coins that commemorate the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics, or go for a 1913 Manchuria 20 cent silver coin.

Due to China's remarkable history, many old coins were melted down or simply discarded, making surviving examples of certain coins, like those from the Qing dynasty, extremely valuable to modern collectors.

However, you don't have to be a history buff to invest in Chinese coins, because modern examples are still produced today for a huge variety of purposes, celebrating everything from Chinese leaders to major technological accomplishments.

Invest in Chinese coins

Add to your collection, give a gift that will be treasured, or even modify your Chinese coin to turn it into a broach, pendant or ring. Whatever you want to do with your new or used Chinese coin, there's something for every possible requirement on eBay, ideal for amateur hobbyists and serious full-time collectors alike.