Collectable Antique Tablecloths

Antique Tablecloths

Antique tablecloths bring not only style and texture to a table, but they also have a story to tell and add interest to a room. These linens come in a variation of colours, designs and patterns and are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. The right antique linen should ultimately set the scene for the meal you are serving or the event that you are hosting, as well as protect the table. As you shop, consider the size and shape of your table to help you find the best fit.

How Do I Determine Sizing?

The size and shape of your table helps you to determine proper tablecloth sizing. Antique table linens come in various shapes, including round, rectangular and square, making it easy to find the right fit. Prior to making a purchase, make sure to measure your table beforehand and allow an extra 8 to 10 inches for table skirting. You should also keep any additional length of the tables edges in mind. For circular and oval tablecloths, you need to measure the tables diameter to find the circumference, as this as how circular tables are sized.

How Do I Care for My Antique Tablecloth?

Although they are not new, antique tablecloths can last for many generations when properly cared for, cleaned and stored. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, most antique tablecloths should be dry cleaned or washed by hand depending on the type of fabric from which they are made. In addition, be sure to clean any stains right away to prevent them from setting in.

How Do I Identify an Antique Tablecloth?

There are many ways to identify an antique tablecloth, whether my manufacturer or by material. During the Victorian era, tablecloths were often embroidered with decorative florals along the borders or in the centre. Geometric patterns were also popularly used during this period. Towards the end of the 19th century, crochet tablecloths became popular, as did applique tablecloths with floral motifs. Throughout the 20th century, woven and lace tablecloths were widely used, and simple cotton tablecloths made their debut as well. These tablecloths often featured cheerful patterns and designs.