Collectable Figurines

Complete your collection with collectible figurines

Collectible figurines make a stylish ornamental display arrangement in any room in your home. Choose from modern, retro, and vintage figurines that are themed, or create a unique statement feature that reflects your personal design style, ideal for your collection or giving as a gift.

Modern style variations of collectible figurines

Willow Tree figurines are a popular decorative design option for modern interiors. The understated figurines are designed by artist Susan Lordi and are available in a wide selection of designs that universally reflect friendship, love and emotions.

Winnie the Pooh figurines are hugely popular with collectors of all ages. The character figurines are typically modelled on scenes from the stories written by A.A. Milne. Choose from a variety of colourful and cheerful designs.

Vintage collectible figurines for your display collection

Whimsical figurines that boast a classic retro design are available in a range of popular styles, including elegant ladies, cute kids, and adorable angels that are embellished with gold plated detail.

Mid-century collectible figurines of ethnic design typically boast sleek curves and bright colour accents. Choose from a variety of different poses.

Vintage figurines from the 1960s include ornaments that double up as a practical trinket box. The elegant lady's head figurine is wearing a stylish hat that boasts a recessed centre that is suitable for storing jewellery.

Miniature collectible figurines of houses and dwellings are available in a selection of retro designs. The antique village pieces are handcrafted and unglazed.

Classic kitsch collectible figurines

Kitsch figurines include popular designs like the cute porcelain Bambi. The retro ornamental piece measures approximately 11 cm in height and is hand painted and glazed.

Retro collectible figurines of animals are available in a range of styles to complement your interior design taste. Bright red glazed ceramic bull collectible figurines are a popular option that dates back to the mid-century. Hand-painted porcelain figurines of Matadors are also highly collectible.