Collectable Sports Sports Stickers

Complete the collection or start a new one with sports stickers, sets and albums from eBay 

For those who live and breathe sport, collecting sports stickers and sports trading cards is just a part of life. Hundreds of thousands of people over the years have felt the joy of finding that final piece to a complete set of their favourite footy team, or swapping several stickers for one coveted selection. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or want to teach a new generation about the joys of collecting, eBay is the place to turn for dozens of thousands of sports stickers, sets and albums online.  

eBay’s range includes plenty of options for sports, including cricket and AFL stickers, sets and albums. But you’ll also find collectables featuring sports from around the world like soccer, American football, baseball, basketball and more.  

Have you shared special moments cheering on the home team with mum and dad? Get them an album full of the family’s favourite players from the side over the years. Need to sort out a kid’s birthday present for a little one who can rattle off stats for days? Wrap up some sports stickers and an album and you’re sorted. 

With a mountain of sports stickers, sets and albums as well as heaps of other fun and hard-to-find collectables, eBay can help transport you back to your younger days, land that missing piece of your collection and find a sweet gift for the sports fanatic in your life. Make something from our collection part of your collection today!