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Find a great deal on collectible Corningware on eBay!

Want to find quality cookware for your kitchen at unbeatable prices? With a vast range of affordable and highly collectable Corningware, eBay is the place to find everything you want online. In just a few clicks, you could find the ideal Corningware piece for that special gift or as a treat to yourself.

While individual vintage Corningware pieces can sell for prices comparable to brand new cookware, sought-after items - and especially sets - are highly valuable and can fetch high prices at an auction.

If you’re looking for a bargain on quality vintage cookware, check out eBay's range of Corningware bakeware for quality items in delightful retro designs. There’s something to suit every home decor.

Iconic Corningware designs

On eBay you'll find vintage Corningware in excellent condition, including never-used and still-in-box collectible pieces. Choose from iconic designs like "Floral bouquet", "Spice O' Life" and the iconic "Cornflower" pattern designed by Joseph Baum.

These delightful designs have graced kitchens for generations, enjoying wonderful popularity in Australia, Asia and North America. Many of the vintage pieces available here on eBay bear a mark proudly telling the owner they were finished right here in Australia.

What makes Corningware unique?

The Corningware cookware range was launched after a happy accident in an American science lab in 1953 led to the discovery of a new type of glass-ceramic capable of withstanding thermal shock. Original Corningware pieces were popularised with the promise that homemakers could take them straight from the freezer to the stovetop with cracking the trademarked "Pyroceram" glass.

Today, Corningware is a leading brand of global cookware company Corelle Brands. Corelle Brands has a strong presence and manufactures a range of goods, including bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen, range-top cookware, storage and cutlery. You can buy brand-new Corningware on eBay, but the manufacturing process has undergone significant changes, making vintage Corningware highly sought-after.

The classic Corningware range

The core range of vintage ceramic-glass Corningware includes ceramic casserole dishes in a range of sizes, ceramic saucepans with short double-handles or single long handles, roasting pans, fry pans, baking dishes, teapots, jugs and vinegar bottles.

While some early sets were made with Pyroceram lids, most original Corningware pieces were sold with domed glass lids made by Pyrex, and you will find plenty of sets with their original Pyrex lids available on eBay today.

Find what you are looking for on eBay

Did you know eBay makes it easy to find exactly the cookware you are looking for with a range of handy features? Filter your search results by material (ceramic, glass, stoneware, silicon or enamel, for example), shape (square, oval, round or rectangle), colour or capacity.

You can also search for great features like non-stick, dishwasher safe, double-handle, easy to clean and microwaveable. Looking for bakeware that comes with a lid, or comes as a set? Save time by ticking these boxes when you fine-tune your search results.

When it comes to Corningware, there is something for every kitchen available on eBay. Start shopping today.