Costume Masks

Costume Masks

There’s something liberating about hiding your face at a social occasion; whether it’s from strangers, coworkers, friends or family, only on most such occasions it is far from socially acceptable. Of course, it’s also wonderful to dress up as a character or monster and socialize. Costume parties are a happy marriage between the two, but certainly not the only occasion where you might want to be wearing a rubber rhinoceros head.

To Top It Off

While just wearing a mask can be fun, it rarely makes for a complete costume. With at least some other costume accessories, but ideally a full head-to-toe outfit, you’ll stand out in a good way. Don’t be the person phoning it in, accessorise! Costume hats can be especially helpful here if you can find one that matches the mask, as it will help hide that it’s even a mask!

Different Faces for Different Occasions

Not every costumed occasion has the same dress code. You don’t want to show up as a rugby player when the theme is Disney characters, or come fully decked out as the Babadook to a party that’s got a bunch of children. Luckily, you can easily browse for different types and themes of costume masks, such as Venetian costume masks for a fancy function, or horror costume masks for this year’s uni halloween party.

Looking Forward

Of course, there’s more to picking out a good mask than coordinating it to your outfit and the occasion. Not every mask is as easy to see out of as the next, and if you’re going to a busy place with a lot of people, you might be better off opting for a costume that won’t mean you’re bumping into someone every other minute. If you’re headed outdoors or you want to stay in costume for more than the first hour of an evening, it might be a good idea to ask a friend to be your minder.