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Cotton Shag Rugs

Cotton shag rugs are an excellent option to cover hardwood floors. They add a bit of warmth to your feet in the mornings and can actually serve to dampen noise. Cotton is also easily cleaned. If you have a small enough rug, you can even throw it in a washing machine every so often to get it really clean. Otherwise, regular vacuum cleaning works fine.

Shag Rug Colours

One of the best aspects of cotton shag rugs is you can clean and trade them out easily. If you enjoy decorating your space according to the season, it's a simple matter to hoover your rug, roll it up and store it for the next time you want it. Cotton rugs come in just about every colour of the rainbow. Instead of trying to match your rug to the walls, consider how you can use it as a colourful accent for the space.

Shag Rug Weaves and Patterns

As a fibre, cotton can take dyes very well. The material holds colours, which makes it suitable for all sorts of patterns. You can find cotton shag rugs in the usual solid colours, but also in intricate weaves and patterns that imitate the style of antique Persian rugs and carpets.

Rugs for Kid Spaces

Cotton shag rugs for kids are usually bright and bold in colour. You can usually find themed rugs, such as one that has a road for cars. Depending on how much space you have, you might prefer one in a solid colour. These tend to add less visual clutter and can actually help make it feel bigger. On the other hand, a bright blue rug with owls on it might be just the thing for your little bub's room.

Other Shag Rug Materials

In some cases, you may find that a cotton rug has other materials blended in. Or you may want to buy one that isn't cotton. Wool is a good option if you're interested in natural materials. In fact, wool shag rugs hold colour and can be very stain-resistant. On the other hand, polyester and other synthetic materials also hold colour well but do not have the same spring or feel as wool. Your choice should depend on your budget and your preference for the feel of the material.

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