Cricket Shoes & Spikes

Cricket Shoes and Spikes

Cricket shoes are made out of varying types of material and choosing the right type of shoe is crucial to your game performance. With brands that range from Adidas to ASICS and even Nike, you know that you'll always be able to have plenty to choose from.

PU Cricket Shoes

Polyurethane is used in a large variety of cricket shoes. PU is usually combined with leather to form very breathable footwear, not to mention that PU materials are also used in the heel counter and even in the torsion system as well. Adidas often incorporate PU in their cricket shoes because of its durability.

Polyester Cricket Shoes

A lot of cricket players prefer shoes that are made out of polyester. Polyester mesh cricket shoes are often made to be very light and they offer the same level of protection as PU. They are also incredibly waterproof with a high level of breathability.

EVA Cricket Shoes

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, or EVA, is an expanding rubber form. It has excellent shock absorbent properties and it is very lightweight. A lot of players choose to go for EVA over the other shoe materials that are available due to its odour combating abilities. EVA can withstand high temperatures and cricket shoes that are made out of this material are usually compression moulded. Nike is known for utilising EVA in their own cricket shoes.

The type of material your cricket shoes are made out of will largely depend on the type of grass that you are playing on and the weather conditions as well. The shoes you choose will also depend on the type of spikes you want, the material the spikes are made out of and the grip that they can give you when you are out on the field. Some cricket players also base their choice of shoe on the position that they are due to be playing.