Decorative Sculptures & Figurines

Wall Sculptures

Whether you’re looking to add some fun decor to your home or spruce up your office, you have many wall sculptures to choose from. Decorate a stunning piece of contemporary metal or wrought iron artwork, or choose a rustic sculpture made from wood or canvas. Whatever you choose, make sure you love the piece as youll be seeing it every day.


From nature and flora to people, or beach and nautical to farm life, the options are endless. Pick out some shell or fish artwork to bring the coast closer or even a handmade anchor or oar for a more nautical theme at your beach house. If you’re looking to add lively decor to your office, consider contemporary or modern art wall sculptures.

Art Wall Sculptures

Art wall sculptures are a perfect choice to add some structure to your outdoor garden. A tree of life, a succulent flower sculpture, or abstract artwork can add even more aesthetic interest to your garden. Browse the wide variety available for beautifully classic or modern and daring decor choices.


Whether you’re looking for a modern theme for your newly renovated home, a rustic feel for a lodge, or tropical design for your beach house, wall sculptures come in plenty of materials. Pick unfinished wood designs for a more rustic feel; resin deer or elephant figurines for your lodge; or a shell wall sculpture for your beach house.

Handmade Wall Sculptures

For those looking to find one-of-a-kind artwork for their walls, there are plenty of handmade wall sculptures to choose from. Filter the choices among metal, carved wood, patchwork or even glass. These unique designs are ideal for an eye-catching display piece and exude their own personality.