Decorative Sculptures & Figurines

Decorative Ornaments and Figurines

Decorative ornaments and figurines are incredibly popular, and for good reason, with something to suit every home and every interest. We all have a shelf that needs that special something, a window sill that needs a lift or a side table that is crying out for a small piece of decorative art and ornaments and figurines are the perfect choice to fill that empty spot.

Famous Names

You can expect to find all the famous names amongst the possible items, from the figurines of Lladro to the sparkling crystals of Swarovski, plus artists such as Jay Strongwater and limited edition pieces such as Franz porcelain.

A Huge Choice of Themes

Whether you are looking for a one-off signature piece that sums up your style perfectly or a new piece to add to your established collection, you'll find just what you're looking for right here. From animals to fantasy figures, religious pieces to classic cars, musical instruments to clowns, there is an ornament or figurine to match any area of interest and any period or style of collection.

Low Cost to Collectable

You'll find pieces to match almost any budget too, from low-cost ornaments that you can afford to change regularly to exclusive, expensive pieces that you will treasure. These items could even become a family heirloom to be passed down the generations. From a few pence to a few thousand pounds, the range can cater for everyone's budget, from the casual figurine fan to the serious collector.

A Massive Choice of Materials

You'll find ornaments and figurines in every possible material, from plaster to porcelain, fine china to precious metals, with artists working in marble, wood, brass and bronze, to name but a few.

The Perfect Gift

Decorative ornaments and figurines make an ideal gift, whether you are looking for something special for someone special or an affordable Christmas or birthday gift for a distant aunt.