Dog Clothing & Shoes

Do you love to explore rough terrain with your dog? Perhaps your furry friend is picking up too many bindis when out walking? Maybe your older dog is slipping and losing traction on the floor at home? Or perhaps you have hardwood floors that are being damaged by your puppys claws? If you found yourself saying yes to any of those questions, dog shoes or dog boots could be the answer. Luckily, thanks to eBay, you can search for the perfect pair of dog shoes or boots from the comfort of your own home!

Comparing Dog Shoe Options

Dog shoes can be the ideal investment in any number of situations. Theyre great for outdoor use, protecting your dog on dangerous terrain, rocky surfaces, or hot asphalt. These dog shoes can even offer extra traction, which can be perfect when visiting wet and slippery areas. Meanwhile, dog shoes with extra grip or a non-slip design are good for older dogs with arthritis, or for dogs that have injuries that may cause them to slip and slide. Alternatively, a simple, slip-on dog shoe can help to prevent damage to floors or furniture, or to help dogs that have a tendency to drag their paws.

Safety and Comfort

Always measure your pups paws first before purchasing, to ensure a good fit and total comfort for your dog. Be sure to measure both the front paws and back paws, as these can be different sizes. If this is the case, some brands of dog shoes will allow you to order two shoes in one size, and two in another size. While youre kitting Fido out with some fancy shoes, check out eBays awesome range of dog collars and dog costumes to really make your dog the life of the party!

Whatever dog shoes you need for your furry companion, youre sure to find them here on eBay - and were sure you wont be able to get over just how doggone cute they look!

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