Dog Clothing

Dress up your four legged friend in cute outfits, weather protection & more.

Dress your dog in clothes and boots this winter

As a dog owner, you want to do the best for your best friend and keeping the warm in winter is no exception. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of dog clothing available, including dog boots, which are designed to keep your pet happy and warm in winter – and all year round.

Dog coats and jackets

Dog coats are ideal for when you want to venture outside for a walk or play date. Especially when the weather is cold and the wind is blowing. Most dog breeds will benefit from wearing a coat outside to add that extra layer of warmth.

This is especially true for short-haired breeds, older dogs, small dogs and dogs who are not well. When you put a coat on your dog, it helps him to feel warm and secure.

Dog rain coats

Some dogs don’t mind the rain but there are others who will simply refuse to step outside if they’re likely to get wet. This makes toileting and exercise quite difficult. For this reason, a rain coat might just be the answer.

Dog jumpers and sweaters

Like us humans, dogs can feel cold inside the house if the temperature drops. Sometimes, their own fur coats just don’t offer enough warmth. That’s where dog jumpers can come in very handy. A knitted jumper can keep your pooch nice and cosy in the cold winter months.

If your dog suffers from allergies, a jumper can also be useful to stop him from scratching or biting at the affected area.

Dog boots

Dog boots can be very useful in both winter and summer. They will protect your dog’s paws when the ground is cold or even icy. They’re also useful when you’re likely to be walking on hot cement or asphalt in the heat of summer.

Another advantage of your dog wearing boots in summer is that his or her paws will be protected from nasty grass burrs that can bury into the paw and cause infection.

Whatever it is you’re after, you’re sure to find designs on eBay to suit your pet’s personality. Start shopping today.

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