Dog Collars

At the best of times, your dog is a vigilant watchdog, perking its ears and growling at every strange sound. However, at the worst of times, your dog can turn into a barking maniac... especially at 3am when you need to rest well for an important meeting the very next day.

Sometimes, no amount of puppy training and repeating the word, "Quiet!" can get your dog to be silent. If your dog is an excessive barker, then you might need to invest in a dog barking collar.

How do barking collars for dogs work?

Electronic barking collars are safe and they are the humane way to teach your dog to stop making unnecessary noise. It simply works by delivering a negative stimulus, which is triggered by the dog's vibrating chords once it begins to bark. This can be in the form of a mild tingle to a definite shock. The ultrasonic barking collars work by making a high pitched noise that is uncomfortable for dogs, who can only hear it.

Benefits of dog bark collars

More affordable than hiring a dog trainer and much more civilised than disciplining your dog with a smack, barking collars for dogs can teach your pet to be more in control of their behaviour in regards to knowing the boundaries when it comes to acceptable barking.

Other uses for dog barking collars

These collars can also be used to encourage good behaviour, Training collars can teach dogs to stop chasing other animals or getting too close to dangerous ones. This is particularly useful for hunting dogs and dogs in law enforcement. Dog barking collars can also be used for containment, as many electronic collars are employed with buried perimeter wiring. A dog wearing a barking collar for restraint purposes will learn to stay away from certain fences or invisible lines on a property.

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