Dog ID Tags

Dog ID Tags

Dog ID tags are an important thing to attach to your furry friend’s collar. Dog ID tags contain information about a dog, including things like their name, their owner’s phone number and/or address and even things that they are allergic to. This means that when someone finds them after running away or getting lost, they return to their home. After all, who would want to risk losing their dog?

Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Stainless steel dog ID tags are among the best looking and most durable tags. Stainless steel is a very hardwearing, weather resistant material that won’t break or fall off your dog’s collar. If you have an active dog that spends a lot of time outdoors, consider going for a stainless steel ID tag.

Aluminium Dog Tags

Aluminium dog ID tags are also quite common, but are a little less weather resistant and easier to break. This means that they are more likely to fall off or break if your dog goes walkabouts. This reduces the chance of your dog making its way home again. If you want to go for a metal ID tag, stainless steel is probably the most popular option. The only reason to choose aluminium would be the price; aluminium tags are usually pretty cheap.

Plastic Dog Tags

The most basic type of dog ID tags are plastic dog ID tags. They are easy to engrave with your dog’s information, come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are generally quite hard wearing. Plastic tags are more susceptible to breaking, and are therefore more suited to inside dogs.

Choosing the Right Tag

When choosing a dog tag you need to think about a few little things. Think about how much information you want to be able to put on the tag, and make sure you buy the right size. Choose material and style carefully, and go for something that is relatively good quality and hard wearing; after all, there’s no point giving your dog an ID tag that will only fall off after a while!